Brass Chandelier Parts

Brass Chandelier Parts

We started our factory by producing brass chandelier lighting parts, our city is the chandelier lighting producing center. Here, people call it “chandelier capital” and 80% of chandelier lights in the world are made in this city.

Gaton brass is the premier brass parts producer here, from the brass chandelier arms, lamp holders to brass light covers and even very small brass parts, you can find them at Gaton brass.


  • 100% inspection before shipping
  • Pre-shipment sample sent you free for approval
  • HD pictures of the production

Lead time:

  • We will give you lead time based on your project
  • Production status weekly report with pictures
  • We will pay for the air shipment if there is delay

Brass cast canopies

Brass die casting with antique brass finishing arch canopy or ceiling canopy with 1-1/16 in hole with or without mounting hardware. Includes: lo291 x 1pc, nu235 x 2pc, cb1/4 x 1pc, ni2-1/2x1/4 x 1pc, hic3/8x1/4 x 1pc .

cups for lamp sockets and candles

Solid brass bobeche with antique brass finishing or unfinished cast brass leaf cup with 1/8 ips tapped center hole.

Chandelier and Wall Sconce Arms

Rich models from all over world, plenty of brass cast unfinished or antique brass finishing decorative brass arm. 1/8f x 1/8f thread tubed arm for easy wiring. OEM available.

Solid Brass Spindle

Thousands of brass die casting spindle available. With 20 years of experience, OEM for Italy, German and USA companies, ODM services available