Brass Lamp Parts

Gatonbrass started the business of brass parts manufacturing by supplying brass lamp parts to lighting factories all over the world.Now we are the No.1 supplier of indoor chandelier lights parts and outdoor lighting parts.We have been the  OEM supplier for more than 30 brands,and the Top 3 in brass landscape lighting industry.

Also, we provide products to chandelier lights companies in Italy and Germany. All our clients are satisfied with our products and service, especially the advanced technique of tooling and efficient preparation of samples.

We produce brass lamp parts according to clients’ requests and provide quality products and service with competitive prices.


  • 100% inspection before shipment
  • Pre-shipment sample sent you free for approval
  • HD pictures of the production process

Lead time

  • We will give you lead time based on your project
  • Weekly report with pictures of production process
  • Free air shipment if there is delay in delivery


Brass Chandelier Parts

GatonBrass is an outstanding brass chandelier parts supplier in China, we manufacture brass chandelier arms, lamp holders, brass light covers and even tiny brass parts.

Brass Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Our brass lights families include halogen/LED brass spot light, LED brass pathway light, LEd underwater pond light, LED lights and so on. All our brass landscape lighting fixtures are made from: brass die casting, brass forging and brass milling depend on our customers’ requirements.