As a leading brass casting solution provider, Gaton Brass specializes in brass die casting, brass forging, lost wax casting, sand casting and milling.

We are proud of our tooling quality which creates product quality. Based on this philosophy, we started building the tooling library, our in-house tooling facility 20 years ago. This has helped over 1000 clients save cost appreciably.


Brass Die Casting

Gatonbrass has 9 die casting machines from 180 tons to 850 tons,processing products with thickness of 1 mm to 5 mm and weight of 10 g to 5 kg.We are equipped with the precision milling machines with accuracy of up to 50μm to guarantee no air hole.

Brass Forging

We mainly apply the brass forging technique to our underwater lighting fixtures,brass plumbing parts and some mechanical parts.Also,We are able to forge lead free brass with no more than 0.25% lead by weight thus,meeting the WaterSense requirements.

Brass Sand Casting

We still use the sand casting solution in our production because of the large demand of brass lighting parts,which require this technique.According to our customers’ requirements,we can produce large parts/components by sand casting.

Brass Investment Casting

We started to apply brass investment precision casting to our production in 2005 because of the large demand of precision decorative parts from our customers.Our brass precision casting products include items from as small as few grams to as big as 25 pounds.

Secondary Operations

Gatonbrass provides value-added in-house secondary operations processing and CNC milling.In our secondary operations, we can well control the quality and lead time,this further saves the cost of transportation.