Brass Lamp Parts

Gatonbrass started our brass parts business from supplying brass parts to the lighting factories all over the world. Now we are the No.1 supplier for indoor chandelier lights parts and outdoor lighting parts.

We are OEM producer for more than 30 lighting brands and include the Top 3 in brass landscape lighting business.

Brass Electrical Parts

Gatonbrass is equipped with milling machines to make some items at lower cost.
Most of these brass fittings are for functional but not decorative purpose. Thus we make them by milling the solid brass stick or brass cube, getting rid of the useless parts to make the products as same as your drawings.

Brass Mechanical Parts

Gatobrass has our own in-house CNC workshop for the milling. We specialize in producing copper,brass or bronze mechanical parts. Basic assembly and finishing also available. Send the CAD drawing today, get quotation within 24 hours.

Brass Furniture Hardware

Brass matches the best word, it is like diamond and gold. Brass furniture hardware never rust, and easy to polish to make it look like brand new, even you can do it by yourself. Gatonbrass has supplying brass hardware to Poland furniture maker for their high-end market..

Brass Plumbing Fittings

GatonBrass produces lead free brass plumbing fittings in our brass forging workshop,these plumbing fittings are same request as the underwater brass lighting fixture, must be with no any air hole to let the water leak in or out..

Brass Home Accents

Brass is classic material for the home decoration items, compare with stainless steel or aluminum, brass always give the warm and sweet home feeling. Also, brass meets the function request because it is very stable alloy. From lighting fixtures to hardware for the furniture, brass is getting more and more popular in the high-end market like the summer house and sea beach side property.

More Industries

we can not list all industries here because some of our customers' business secrets. Just send us your CAD drawing and tell us your needs,we will reply you within 24 hours!

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