About Gaton Brass

Gaton Brass produces brass parts only,we are experts of  brass die casting, brass forging, lost wax casting, sand casting and milling. As the premier brass parts manufacturer and foremost foundry of brass in China, Gaton Brass has succeeded in the lighting, auto, electrical, home furniture, gift and marine industries. To say the least, we touch everyone’s life with a dash of brass!

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    We are the NO.1 brass die casting provider in South China. This is due to our “total cost advantage”and as the biggest brass consumer, we can always get better pricing for our raw materials.So this will also help you savea lot on your brass parts costs.

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    All our brass casting parts meet the ISO 9000 standard and we guarantee 100% quality inspectionbefore shipment. Gaton brass factory is equipped with 9 brass die casting machines that range from 180 ton to 880 ton,thus, we can achieve a max output of 10ton/day. We analyze the material constituents of all brass products using opticalspectrum analyzers. With the CAD drawing and 3D printers, we make our in-house tooling based on our customers’ samplewhen there is no CAD drawing provided.

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    In-House Tooling

    Tooling is the mother of any production process. We have a comprehensive in-house tooling and adatabase of 200,000 pcs. This rich tooling frame liberty reduces the tooling costs. This is the reason why we do a freetooling for orders that are more than 1000pcs/order/item.

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    Secondary Operations

    We do the finishing operations for all brass parts ourselves and ensure you a turning 50um, with noair hole for brass die casting. Our brass parts can be sandblasted and chrome coated depending on your requirements. Wehave 5 CNC machines that can mill your parts to meet the drawing specifications.

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