Brass Die Casting

Gatonbrass has 9 die casting machines from 180 tons to 850 tons, processing products with thickness of 1 mm to 5 mm and weight of 10 g to 5 kg.

We are equipped with the precision milling machines with accuracy of up to 50μm to guarantee no air hole.

Brass die casting always produces the high volum,complicate design at a very low cost. The parts are used in more decoration application than the functional application.

Advantages of Brass Die Casting:

  • Low tooling cost to start
  • 0.1 mm dimensional accuracy
  • Wall thickness could reach 0.75mm
  • Max 10 tons/ day output
  • In-house secondary processing


  1. 100% inspection before shipment
  2. Pre-shipment sample for free
  3. HD pictures of the production process

Lead time:

  1. We will give you lead time based on your project
  2. Weekly report with pictures of production process
  3. Free air shipment if there is delay in delivery
Request a Quick quote

  • No air hole with 50um milling machines
  • CAD, ODM and 3D printer available
  • We will give you solution within 24 hours
  • Free tooling for order over 1,000 pcs
  • Production capacity of 10 tons per day