Brass Mailbox Parts

Brass Mailbox parts

Gatonbrass has produced different mailbox brass parts for many years.We cast the brass mailbox cover , brass mailbox letters and numbers,brass mailbox door and so on.

The Polished Brass Accents for mailbox are often made via die casting because of the large quantity production,after die casting process,they may need some secondary operations like acid , finishing, and coating to keep the brass away from oxygen.

The mailbox covers and doors can be designed to different styles like eagle , Leaf ,“Mail”letter and so on.Just send us your CAD drawing or detailed request,we will choose the best manufacturing solution for you.


  1. 100% inspection before shipment
  2. Pre-shipment sample for free
  3. HD pictures of the production process

Lead time:

  1. We will give you lead time based on your project
  2. Weekly report with pictures of production process
  3. Free air shipment if there is delay in delivery
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  • No air hole with 50um milling machines
  • CAD, ODM and 3D printer available
  • We will give you solution within 24 hours
  • Free tooling for order over 1,000 pcs
  • Production capacity of 10 tons per day